DECEMBER 1st 2019

What an incredible day! Thank you to all the families that came to share in the magic of the holidays with the Sensory Friendly Santa team. Your stories and appreciation for the event are what make this all worth it. Our only regret is that we have such limited time! We are committed to expanding our time for 2020 to accommodate more families and make more special memories. If you missed out on this years event make sure to follow Sensory Friendly Santa on Facebook to be notified next year when we announce the schedule. 

Merry Christmas to everyone!



Coverage from this years event. Thanks again to our generous sponsors, especially the amazing people at Santa's Photo Village for their generous donation to provide the location! 


Thanks to the team at the Longmont Times Call for their coverage of the 2019 Sensory Friendly Santa Event.


The team from KDVR Fox 11 was on hand to capture the magic of the Sensory Friendly Santa Longmont event



Sometimes our children need a little more time, less pressure, or other accommodations to make a visit with Santa Claus the magical experience it’s supposed to be. That’s why a group of generous sponsors and volunteers have arranged a chance to meet Santa, organized specifically for special needs children!

The typical Santa experience takes place in a crowded mall with long lines and lots of noise with a sometimes less than understanding audience of other families. This can be overwhelming for special needs children or any child with a sensory processing disorder. It also puts an enourmous amount of stress on parents as the public is not always understanding of special situations or the ‘non-typical’ behavior exhibited by some kids. The situation is often so discouraging that families miss out on the Santa experience for fear of melt-downs or judgement.

Our team of volunteers has set out to change that. We provide a special morning for special needs families to come and see Santa in a low-stress, judgement-free, low-sensory environment. We schedule generous 5-10 minute time slots to eliminate the line. Our elves are special needs educators, therapists, and parents familiar with these situations and able to accommodate the special situations that arise.

This event is made possible by a group of volunteers and the generous support of our sponsors. Our group self-funds or receives sponsorship for all the amenities including refreshments, small gifts for the children, and other support.

If you’re interested in donating to our cause please message us. No child should have to miss out on the magic of visiting Santa this time of year, regardless of ability or sensory issues. 

This particular SF Santa event is located in Longmont, Colorado for the surrounding areas. If you have a SF Santa in your area and would like help with promotion contact us



Our team of volunteer "elves" organize the event annually for special needs children in Boulder County, Colorado. We are a mix of special needs parents and educators familiar with the unique challenges special needs families face. Please contact us if you have any questions about our mission or annual event. 



The Sensory Friendly Santa team is comprised of families, therapists, teachers, and others touched by special needs. Our annual event is the result of the hard work of our volunteers and sponsors. If you or your business are interested in sponsorship of our cause please send us a note or click the donate button above and help us spread cheer!


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